Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ok I Agree With The Ride The Cowboy Part, But Why Save The Horse?

You know what really grinds my gears?


It's vegetarians, vegans, and their belief that they're doing the right thing.

Every week there's a post on facebook promoting vegetarian(ism?). They all suggest that we're evil for eating meat and supporting the meat industries slaughter of "innocent" animals and harm to the environment. I think that no matter what we do, we're going to harm the environment whether it's by cow farts or the gasses made from killing the gassy creatures. If it has worked flawlessly for as long as it has then it can't be wrong. Plus it tastes sooooo(scratch that) SOOOOOOOOOOO GROOOOD. And who's to say animals are so innocent and defenseless? Nobody that spends alot of time hanging around lions, tigers, and bears(O MY!) that's for sure. Animals can be just as aggressive as any human. Which takes us to the next paragraph.

That way ---> Nope changed my mind. Look down.

Hunting is not cruel and unfair. As an outdoor enthusiast, I take pride in my fabulous and extremely masculine outdoor skills (hunting, fishing and sometimes hiking). I hunt completely legally and try to give animals complete fairness of game. I respect and usually eat everything I kill(unless it's by car). So all those silly, I repeat, silly "environmentalists" can do what they want, but I'll manage the animal population while satisfying my instinctive taste for meat instead of letting them starve themselves because of the surplus of their offspring.

Off to study for the Government test. O my Allah, the black Muslim may win. Just kidding, I don't say "O my Allah".

Oh. And I don't know whether he's Muslim or not. They say his dad was.

Too far. Look that (^) way for hunting paragraph