Monday, October 20, 2008

Confuscious say "Tight Levi's like cheep hotel, no ballroom"

So.. I need some new jeans.. My junk is all crammed together.. As much as I love Levi's these were not meant for my manly essence.. (yes, I realized I've used that before but I felt that saying Italians would be racist.)

Hopefully this blog will entertain HistoryTeacher and make her smile, but I'm really just putting off studying for her test..

Rockband 2 is Wacka Wacka Awesome. Wacka Wacka!
My band name is Cowboy Joe and The Comrads. I think it expresses me if I had comrads..

Big Indention. You didn't see that coming, did you? I didn't think so..


The concert was good.. But I'm not one to go crazy about a concert.. French and I kind of just walked around, pointed out the skanks, talked about public urination, and considered stealing a frisbee..
As we sat and enjoyed the concert, I tried to enjoy the weather but couldn't because of the skanks and their skanky cigarettes and their skanky smoke.

Sexdrive is very possibly my favorite movie.

It's 9:40, I'm going to study and sleep.

Big Indention. I probably won't study.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I kissed a girl and i liked it!


Good night, I'm hittin the hay.

What did you expect? a blog? well fine I guess i can add a couple of more sentences..

I'm still undecided about my college plans.. I don't know where I wanna go and I don't know what I wanna major in.. And where I decide to go pretty much decides what I'll major in.. Why does growin up have to be this complicated? O well I'll take the challenge.

Football FOOTBALL FOOTBAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it and I can't wait for practice tomorrow..

I'm goin ta sleep!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Into The Night

Hello fellow bloggers. Or should i say bonjour? Probably not because i don't think i spelled it right... But anyways I will now take a second to breathe in the new blog smell...........


Now that i got that over with I'll give ya'll a second to get over me joining this new blogging trend.

Ya'll only get one space to get over it.

Now! I'm not sure how to jump into this blog thing. Seeing that I don't know how to dive, I'll just belly flop. Don't expect much out of me because I'm a busy and important man.

I have always dreamed of winning big games throughout my football career and this is by-far the biggest one. I am proud of our team and I'm glad we're finally working as a team.

Today is Saturday. James, Ethan, and I went to Cleveland for DSU Day and FOOTBAWL! It was fun... I like spending time with my friends sometimes and today was one of those sometimes. But something I discovered today has really disturbed me. NOBODY is supposed to do this to Joe. I mean I'm Joe Cool, who dares have the balls(or lack there of) to subtly dump me without telling me or explaining why. And furthermore how dare she appear in my presence with some queer that I suspect must be her "new" guyfriend. It makes me sick that this can go on without me knowing or getting an explanation. One person that i thought was worthy of my trust so pathetically scratched my hearted and escaped from my grasp like some kind of ninja. But this is ok. Joe is better than everyone and this just adds to his ego rather than hurt it. All girls are lying, whory cowards that don't deserve any more than my "manly essence" to be trusted with.
Thank you and goodnight.

Now that the unimportant section is out of the way i can actually talk briefly about what counts.
We play Deer Creek this week, a bitter rivalry. I plan to prepare as I do every week for this game. We MUST absolutely murdered these kids. REBELS WILL PREVAIL! YEAH!!! I will continue to try to be a leader for the young, immature minds on our team and hopefully we can mature into a playoff team. But we must take it one game at a time.