Monday, October 20, 2008

Confuscious say "Tight Levi's like cheep hotel, no ballroom"

So.. I need some new jeans.. My junk is all crammed together.. As much as I love Levi's these were not meant for my manly essence.. (yes, I realized I've used that before but I felt that saying Italians would be racist.)

Hopefully this blog will entertain HistoryTeacher and make her smile, but I'm really just putting off studying for her test..

Rockband 2 is Wacka Wacka Awesome. Wacka Wacka!
My band name is Cowboy Joe and The Comrads. I think it expresses me if I had comrads..

Big Indention. You didn't see that coming, did you? I didn't think so..


The concert was good.. But I'm not one to go crazy about a concert.. French and I kind of just walked around, pointed out the skanks, talked about public urination, and considered stealing a frisbee..
As we sat and enjoyed the concert, I tried to enjoy the weather but couldn't because of the skanks and their skanky cigarettes and their skanky smoke.

Sexdrive is very possibly my favorite movie.

It's 9:40, I'm going to study and sleep.

Big Indention. I probably won't study.


JD said...

Well, I laughed. It was funny, but I can't say which part b/c I will incriminate myself.

Joe Cool said...

incriminate- to charge with or prove involvement in a crime or fault. I'm glad I have a dictionary.