Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Back in the Saddle Again.

I'm BAAAAAACK in the saddle again.

Well that might be a lie since I never find time to blog.

This past two weeks have seemed like the worst weeks ever, despite the great promises of Thanksgiving break and hunting.
It seems that my mom and I have stumbled upon an affliction of bad luck recently that we'll blame on a mirror that broke itself. She had the hardest time cooking for thanksgiving and I've just had little things go very wrong. I won't go into detail but just some examples are burnt pies, overflowing pies, broken window, and spilt tea. ugh................................

Well hopefully we'll overcome it all in this new week. We need our spirits lifted before the Christmas crazyness.

Tomorrow I head to Jackson with Ethan for the all-star football game which I am very excited about. I just hate to miss basketball games. I have know idea what to expect this week. I may or may not get playing time but I know I'll give my all. I know HistoryTeach will miss me so hopefully this blog will fill that hole in her hard, black heart.

Catch you later,
Joe l

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