Saturday, March 7, 2009

All I need is kerosine and I'll have a blast.

Boy am I glad this week's over..
I have seen so many camera flashes and strobe lights in the past 2 days that I'm surprised I haven't gone into epileptic seizures.

Beauty and Beau was a great success. The first beaus were French, James, and I. That made me smile. Brett was next. I still had to smile because I was on stage, but that doesn't mean I wanted to. Richard was next. Shocker. Nothing but seniors though so we are as awesome as we tell everybody. Who's who was pretty good. Some surprises. I got most polite and my girl got friendliest. But that doesn't mean we have to be polite and friendly to each other. Although I did open her car door occasionally to piss her off. I also got Most Athletic which is awesome. I didn't care who got it as long as it wasn't Landon though. James, French, Leigh, and Frank got some good ones too.

The Jr/Sr Banquet was mean, awkward, and not very funny. Tyler and Martin are awesome. The will sucked. Prophecy was alright. Food decent. Servers awful.

Prom... was prom. Tuxedos suck so much by now, not that they didn't suck before, just not as much. More pictures.... More complainin by me, which i don't do much.. Ridin while watchin everyone drink, kinda funny, mostly pathetic.. Dance... well French and I grabbed our steel dance partners and sat on the wall.. Then the hoe dragged me on the dance floor.. French joined later which made it ok.. I really want your picture Mrs. Jenny. DJ finally played white music so dancing got better.. Everyone leaves so we decide to join em.(Biggest mistake). Around 12, David's date decides that she doesn't like him. He regurgitates the devil's brew on the bus, preston's tux, and himself. Everybody freaks out. Craziness. Me and Bailee go to my house to change. Wish we would've stayed there. Eventually go to breakfast. Leave on sophomore bus. Ride with plastered, annoying sophomore girls and Will.. Me and Leigh text each other the whole time.. She blames karma from the will. I take Bailee home at 2. Right where I wanna be. Head to the bridge to watch James and Taylor woo their dates. Watch French who's lightweight ass is plastered and annoying. Sing-a-long with the radio loudly. Get to sleep around 3.

In conclusion, Prom is awful and disappointing, I love it. not really. Idiots remind me why I don't drink, as if i needed it. Although I probably was needin a little alcohol at some point, people ruin it for me. No respect for anyone. yay.

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JD said...

The comment about Patrick's "lightweight...... plastered" cracked me up. I was picturing him being obnoxious. Imagine that! I will get you a picture as soon as I get them developed!