Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Can'y Get No - Sat Is Fact Shun

I hate everything.

But I guess I should write more.

Spring break was pretty much awful. I went to Memphis and visited with my brother and his family. Then i went to Bailee's rodeo where she did not do as well as she pleased. This pretty much ruined the first couple of days of spring break. Although I had way more fun than any normal person would have at a rodeo, I feel like I didn't get enough family time. I don't know why I like these dang high school rodeos so much. I reckon it's just the cowboy in me. Yeehaw...
Really not into it tonight.

I then returned home to play 2 baseball games. These were pretty good, but I'm about ready to shoot Coach Benny. Nuff said.

We then went on this awful camping trip that reminded me of why I hate everyone and why I like George Thorogood for some reason...... But despite all that I had a wonderful time canoeing down the Okatoma Creek. It was peaceful, relaxing, and totally masculine.

I return with intentions to go to Harris's but that plan failed. I was happy to have a chance to go fishing though. But sadly somebody stole most of my fishing poles. Those bastard. Can't have nothin nice. Just crushin' my dreams of finally getting to catch some good ole crappie. But Josh and I still went fishing, Friday and Saturday. We didn't catch much. I blame Josh. Sunday I took Amber, Bailee, and Jill fishing. It was the worst mistake of my life. I had to babysit two girls and couldn't fish at all. To top it off, Amber caught all the fish. I caught none. I finally decided to sit in the front of the boat and talk to my true love, Jill, while Bailee and Amber tanned and talk about.... I can't really remember.. Pointless crap for sure. Jill and I had a grand ole time by ourselves. It just works out. I talk a little and she doesn't say anything back. But she occasionally gives me a kiss. That's gross.....

Monday was back to school. Yay. Tennis. Yay! Lost my match. Shit.

Tuesday. School again. Yay. Baseball. Yay! Played awfully. Somebody should shoot me or Coach Benny.

Wednesday. ABC Test. Yay. Hard. Boo. More bad moods and arguments with Bailee. Yay! Heavy weightlifting and running until church. YES! Perfect stress relief. Now blog.

Goals: Improve in baseball. Screw the senior play and all it's practices at inconvenient times. Improve in tennis. Train for 5k! Lift weights! Find some time to spend with Bailee. Catch some crappie. Watch Josh race. Try to find some satisfaction.

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