Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chapter 1: Who I is?

My name is Joel Meyer Bellipanni. I am the son of the greatest parents ever, Jake and Joy Bellipanni. James and I are the end of a set of five boys. We have three older brothers, Michael, Matthew, and Mark. Our parents might have well named us Luke and John since that's the joke our dad uses to introduce us.

We call the house at 404 Lee Avenue our abode. It is a nice home, not too big, not too small, but just right. I even have my own room.

I enjoy doing anything outside. Yardwork, fishing, hunting, running, tennis, golf, basketball, football, and baseball are all quite fun activities that I do. As long as the sun is shining I will be trying to find something to do outside. I like to consider myself an athlete, but if you watch me play sports you may just call me a football player. Although I'm decent in everything else, football is where I excel. In other sports I just use football-style to pass as an athlete. I think I may give college football a try, but it might not work out. I want it to be a sport that I love for the rest of my life.

But when it rains I entertain myself with music. I enjoy music, listening and playing. I play guitar and bass. I play in the band Rushin' Roulette and the SMASH Band. I secretly plan on becoming a country music star though. Okay, maybe not, but it could happen, I just haven't tried yet. I will try to keep music in my life for as long as possible.

My career choice will be in the engineering field. I plan to go to Holmes Community College, and from there, Mississippi State. During my college years I hope to find which area of engineering I will be happiest in.

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