Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chapter 12: High School: The Early Years.

At last I’m in high school. My Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years were probably some of the best years of my school career. I started to make straight A’s. My favorite teacher was Coach Griffin because he actually challenged us. I spent most of the time hanging out with James, Patrick, David, Ethan, and Codi. We started our awesome band, Rushin’ Roulette, and got several gigs. Unfortunately, this was also the time that I started dating. The girls cause nothing but trouble and distractions. But I think I have done a good job of keeping my head straight. I became better and more involved in sports. Although we never got as far as I wanted to in football, I had a lot of fun playing it and learned more about it. Basketball and baseball slowly came along also.

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